Regional Archive is a creative studio providing Art Consultancy & Production services. 

Built from a place of discovery, the studio is inspired by the creative output of artists, designers & makers at the local and regional scale. The studio's mission is to support creation, share stories of the creative process and in turn deepen our connection and regard for the work.



Commercial & Residential Curation - Looking to add art in to your space? Regional Archive has a deep knowledge of artists working in Canada and Internationally. Let's explore the roster together. 

Production Planning & Oversight - A strong background in art production, means Regional Archive can support you in realizing your artistic desires. Get in touch and let's hash out a plan. 

Project Management - Regional Archive has an insatiable passion for organization and details. Having lent our hand to projects big and small over the last 10+ years, we would be happy to infuse that knowledge in to your next project. 

Copywriting - Everything on this website didn't write itself. It was the curious and witty action of whomever is at the helm. Interested in putting your thoughts on literal and metaphorical paper? Let's exchange words.


Drop a line to regionalarchive@gmail.com with any inquiries.