Winter Solstice is Upon Us

Whether you are acutely tuned in to the celestial shifts or happily focusing your attentions elsewhere, one cannot deny that the sunlight hours have dwindled and the cold has set in.
These environmental cues are indicative of the Winter Solstice being upon us and its presence will be felt tomorrow for mere moments at 10:59am EST. What you are witnessing is the light of the sun beginning a new solar cycle, where its rays shine in to the dark and work to nurture newborn life where it is being cultivated. 
This event signifies the longest and darkest night of the year and is the start of Astronomical Winter
While everything lays dormant in the earth, we are encouraged to move towards rest and reflection in our daily activities, choosing to connect with our darkness to inspire new beginnings. Tapping in to the energy of winter to go within ourselves, intentions can be focused on personal growth. Honour what you have to give to your life. 
A couple of questions to ask yourself this Winter Solstice:
What do you want to leave behind in the old year?
-What are some of your limiting beliefs? what are are you holding on to and ready to let go of? Can you release any negativity currently present?
What are your hopes and desires for the new year?
- What have you been dreaming about? How can you give more energy to the new ideas coming up in your life?
    Wishing you a reflective solstice and happy new year.