A Journey Through the Moon Phases

As we usher in the new calendar year we are often reminded to set resolutions for the year to come. Actions we hope to achieve and personal benchmarks for us to measure our progress on. This practice can sometimes feel a bit confronting or can lead to disappointment where expectation was not clear or manageable. This practice can also be done in a gentle and intuitive way - one that feels positive, and focuses on celebration in all its forms. 

A proposition for this new year, take a journey of self-discovery and intention setting alongside the phases of the moon. Strengthen your connection to yourself through connecting with the natural cycle of that which is outside of us. 

Over the course of January, this article will be updated with information about the moon phases and guidance on actions to take during each phase. 




Facts: This Moon is positioned between the Earth and the Sun so it cannot be seen earthside. This is the first lunar phase.

Meaning: This moon symbolises new beginnings. During the New Moon our creativity, intention setting ability, and positive energy are at its highest, making it an opportune time to set intentions for the future.  

Suggested Action: Gather your thoughts and make an intentional plan for what you'd like to achieve in the coming days/weeks/year/life. You set the time period and can repeat this action as frequently or infrequently as you are called to. 

Suggested Tools: 

  • Writing instrument of choice -  I’m partial to a papermate sharpwriter  interpret that how you will
  • Paper - it is advised to make sure you have a place to store this after use, so you can revisit it in a more reflective state. A notebook might be preferred to loose sheets if your intention is to do this exercise more frequently. It enables you to look back easily and to collect your thoughts in a central location for reflection at a later date and moon phase.
  • Breath practice - can refer to this one that invites more love in to your life here 

Suggested Practice:

  • Create a safe space for yourself - clear your mind, invite openness and relax judgment, pick a body position that feels comfortable and unencumbering, clear the space of negative energy.
  • Center yourself in your breath - take a few/series of deep breaths and call yourself home to your body
  • Pen to paper - write your list of achievements you would like to manifest. Keep the tone positive and do not limit your expanse. Dream big and document it. This is where judgment is going to try and lurk back in. Exercise compassion and push through it. 
  • Focus on and internalize each one - Read through your list and spend time focusing on each item. Take this time to receive feedback from your body on how each one feels and take note of what thoughts emerge on how you will manifest this action. 
  • Close Practice  - Show yourself gratitude for taking time out to centre your thoughts and set intentions for the coming time period. 


Facts: ‘Waxing’ means the Moon’s illumination is growing, and ‘Crescent’ means less than half of the Moon is illuminated.

Meaning: This moon phase signifies intention - it is a time for planning & preparing

Suggested Action: practice visualizations and affirmations at this time. Ex: Write one of your new moon intentions out clearly and succinctly, and read it daily. 

Suggested Tool(s):

  • Imagination - It is to be celebrated and explored in this time. Use it to fantasize about your intentions and how you will achieve them. 

Suggested Practice:

  • Frequent affirmations - whether you do this daily or in another time scale is up to you. The ask is just that there be regularity during this phase of the moon. 
  • Frequent daydreaming - make space for fantasizing about what you want to achieve. We are quick to lean towards limiting beliefs that have us stopping ourselves before we have started. Instead encourage your dreams and think more broadly about how they could be achieved. Reframe your thinking towards possibility.



Facts: Also known as the "half-moon, this moon phase occurs when exactly one half of the moon appears illuminated and the other is completely shadowed.

Meaning: The forward growth of the moon signifies a period of strength, focus, determination and commitment to action. 

Suggested Action: Keep up the good work manifesting your intentions. Channel your own strength, celebrate it and focus your efforts on committing to your goals

Suggested Tool(s): 

  • Your mind - it can be our own worst enemy. In this case it is our ally. It is the central place where you can figure out how to commit to and realize your intentions

Suggested Practice: 

  • Meditate on your intentions: Utilize your mind to bring forward positive thoughts about your intentions and concentrate on how you will commit to realizing them



Facts: As the Moon’s illumination grows and highlights more than half the moon, the term Gibbous is used to define it.

Meaning: This moon phase signifies refinement and pushing forward, specifically redirection, adjustment and flexibility. 

Suggested Action: Practice gratitude and create space to redirect your efforts (where necessary). Your plans may be challenged and your patience might be tested. How can you show up for yourself with an open mind and willingness to shift?

Suggested Tools: 

  • Pen & Paper -  Grab your favourite notebook and pen and get in to jotting down your thoughts
  • Guided Meditation - find a meditation focused on gratitude and lock in. Headspace has a great selection. 

Suggested Practice:

  • Meditate on Gratitude -  Make time for yourself over the course of this moon phase to check-in and meditate on gratitude. This should set the foundation for constructive conversations on how you can redirect your energies, if you are experiencing challenges in achieving your goals
  • Journalling: The practice of journalling can help clarify your thoughts. Make time and space for yourself to write freely on your desired topic and to review and reflect on your writing. This practice can provide interesting hints and direction on what your next steps with a particular intention could be. 



Facts: The full moon phase occurs when the Moon is on the opposite side of the Earth from the Sun, called opposition. At this time the Sun illuminates the entire moon. 


Meaning: This moon phase signifies release and sealing of intention. 


Suggested Action: Take this time to harvest all of your work. Identify and celebrate your successes & actively release losses. This time period is one of letting go in preparation for new beginnings. 


Suggested Tool(s): 

  • Breath - A powerful tool to unlock how your body responds to stressors. Becoming aware of your breath can be a key tool in assessing your emotional state. 


Suggested Practice:

  •  Grounding Breath work - Slowly inhale, then exhale. Feel the totality of your breath filling your lungs and take note of how it feels to push it back out. If they mind is wandering you can centre it by naming the breath going in and out of your body. 



Facts: As the illumination of the full moon wanes,  the  "Waning Gibbous phase of the cycle is being observed.   


Meaning: Carrying forward greater capacity in direct relation to the release of the full moon, this phase is for receiving the benefits of your efforts to date.


Suggested Action: Practice gratitude and find joy in what you have made happen. 


Suggested Tool(s): 

  • Mood setters - your favourite candle, a stick of palo santo, incense, baked cookies :)


Suggested Practice:

  • Clean House - Use this time to clear and de-clutter your physical space. Your home carries your energy, take this time to foster energy flow and bring clarity to your mind. 
    • Note - if you have not done this practice in a while it can feel like hard work. It will be worth the gains upon compl



Facts: The Third Quarter displays a half moon illumination, with the other half in shadow.  A counterfoil to the First Quarter earlier in the month, the moon is showing us it's opposite side. 


Meaning: This moon phase is representative of the qualities of intuition, understanding  and letting go.  Let your being guide you.    


Suggested Action: Listen to the way you feel. 


Suggested Tool(s):

  • Your body/mind - no more, no less. 


Suggested Practice: 

  • Strengthen Your Intuition - Noting that your intuition speaks to you through your body, it is important to strengthen your connection to the physical signs it gives off. Take note of uncomfortable feelings when they arise. Pay attention to how they feel - are they light, heavy? Can you feel them in your gut? Do you have a headache? These physical cues can all be signs of your intuition sending you messages. Tap in and listen.




Facts: This moon is defined by its shrinking illumination and less than half presence.     


Meaning: This particular moon cycle signifies surrender. It is a moment to rest and reflect on the work and effort you have put in over the course of this celestial cycle.


Suggested Actions: As we bring this cycle to a close and prepare for what comes next, take a moment to internalize what you have learned and think about how it will apply to your life moving forward.  


Suggested Tool(s): 

  • Mood setters - your favourite candle, a stick of palo santo, incense


Suggested Practice:

  • Clean House - Use this time to clear and de-clutter your physical space. Your home carries your energy, take this time to foster energy flow and bring clarity to your mind. 
    • Note - if you have not done this practice in a while it can feel like hard work. It will be worth the gains upon completion.